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Norman, Oklahoma
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Rockyspot Rescue Inc

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A Explanation of our Rescue:

Please understand that we are volunteers. We appreciate every call and email we get and make every effort to return them promptly, but please be patient if we take longer than you'd like to get back to you.

Our rescue dogs are in foster homes around the state of Oklahoma. We do not have an adoption center. Arranging to meet a beagle is at the foster home's convenience, only after a thorough screening process. We have several public "adoption days" at Petsmart in Oklahoma City- these are days set aside for public viewing of the beagles available for adoption.

Please expect your call with a beagle rescue volunteer to take about 30 minutes. We'll ask questions about your family, your yard, if anyone is home during the day, the ages of your children, the hours you work, if your other pets are spayed and neutered (we do not adopt to families with unaltered dogs), what made you interested in a beagle, what you know about the breed and most importantly, what questions you have for us about beagles. Our goal is to unite dogs into loving homes, where the dog can live out the rest of their lives happily. We take extra time in talking with you to make that happen.

Before any of our dogs can be placed they must be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, tested for heart worms and microchipped. Because of the expense to the resuce we ask for an adoption donation to cover these cost. Our typical adoption donation range from $150-$200, depending on how much medical attention the dog needed before it was ready for adoption.

Any animal that is too young to spay or neuter (under 6 months) can only be placed in a Foster to Adopt home in Oklahoma. Once the pet is altered the fostering family can complete the adoptoin process.

For those unfortunate dogs who test positive for heartworms, a higher fee may be required to help cover the expensive costs of heartworm treatment. While we have willingly contributed many of our personal funds to helping our rescued dogs, if we do not receive at least some of the monetary expenditures back, then it will not be possible to assist the next pound puppy we encounter needing our help.


If you are interested in beagles and beagle rescue, then we have the job for you! 
Join us at our adoption days to walk dogs, greet people, hand out literature and have fun! 

For more information on volunteering, please email us.


Oklahoma Beagle Rescue gets calls every day about homeless beagles - many of which are in kill shelters and have only a few days to live.  There are many ways in which you can help us with our efforts:

If you can do any of these, or have another idea for us, please email us at